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Who We Are:

Pristine Stone NYC is an American company who serves as the primary US distributor of Fox Marble’s world class stone and marble from Kosovo.  Our brilliant marbles will captivate your imagination and be the perfect complement to your residential or commercial design concept.  Fox Marble is the London Stock Exchange listed company that owns quarries in Kosovo and Macedonia.

We are professionals who have a long track record in wholesaling, fabricating and finishing high end stone. We founded Pristine Stone NYC to further expand the market of this unique marble in the United States.  We are your partner in every step of process from selecting a marble, ordering, tracking, and delivering the final product.  We are your link direct to the quarry, and act as your representative from the point of sale all the way through to the completed order.  We insure your final product is delivered according to a timeline and cost schedule that was agreed upon by all parties.

We are committed to working with a range of customers and will structure and tailor our distribution to meet your needs and scale.

Why Marble from Kosovo:

With Italy, the world’s largest marble exporter to its west, Turkey to the east, and Greece to its south, Kosovo sits right in the middle of what is universally acknowledged to be the home to the world’s most sought-after marble.  The region is rich in crystalized limestone which has been transformed over thousands of years of exposure to heat and pressure, resulting in the finest raw material in the world.  From there, regional quarries with the highest standards of quality control in cutting and packaging, bring the selected marbles onto the market.

The opportunity to purchase marble from Kosovo is the result of a major legislative agenda in the country to opened up its stone industry for major export.  The last five years has been transformational in the coming to market of Kosovan marble.  Fox Marble recently built up the first processing factory in Kosovo that vertically integrates operations and allows the company to cost effectively deliver its product around the world.  The discounted labor and production costs relative to other producers in the region is what allows Fox Marble to produce, and Pristine Stone to deliver world class marble to the USA to our customers at attractive price points.

We will arrange quarry visits to Kosovo for those customers who wish to review the facilities, blocks, and slabs ahead of ordering and delivery.